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Have been tweaking a few bits on the site which include:

  • Finally fixed the photo display in the sidebar. 🙂
  • Added recent comments to the sidebar using the Brian’s Latest Comments plugin.
  • Added a list of recent posts to the sidebar.
  • Added the facility to subscribe to comments. I haven’t got many comments going at the moment but it may be a handy tool in the future.

It’s amazing how long simple tasks like that take. It could be because I’m sick at the moment and my head’s a bit fuzzy. There’s still a few bits and pieces that I need to do but I’ve tackled the major things which were annoying me. It appears as if the random errors in the photo section have something to do with WordPress’ handling of the htaccess file so I’m seeking help on that.

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WordPress 2

For those who don’t know, WordPress 2 was released last night. It contains a lot of changes on the backend and includes a few AJAX type features which are nice. You won’t notice any difference to the site at the moment but I will be tweaking the stylesheet over the next few days to show more info (like latest comments etc). The switch took the past couple of hours and everything seems to be working grand. I wanted to ensure that nothing would break so I’ve updated all the plugins I use to the latest versions. If you notice anything strange then please leave a comment. Finally, just a nod to the guys at WordPress for a polished release and a fantastic bit of software. 🙂

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Tony’s Thumbs-Up Award of Total Excellence

Some of you may be familiar with Dave of Blogography fame (those who aren’t, go visit…….now). He does cartoon stuff on his site and recommends things sometimes with a little graphic of him. I asked him if he could do me a similiar one and lo and behold he got back to me in record time with a smashing graphic that fits the bill exactly. So expect to see a lot more of it over the coming weeks. Cheers Dave. 😀

Tony's Thumbs-Up Award of Total Excellence

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My Photos update

I’ve made quite a significant change to the way photos are displayed on the site. I’ve installed FAlbum which is a WordPress plugin that reads my photos from Flickr and presents them in a nicely navigatable way. I’m pretty impressed by it and it also uses friendly URLs. Just a couple of things to fix:

  • I need to sort the picture handling within posts with more CSS.
  • Get the random photos back and displayed better in the sidebar.
  • When viewing a full size pic, it overlays on the sidebar.
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Blog for the now

I have an awful habit of postponing stuff. I’m a true procrastinator in that it seems to infect almost all areas of my life. This morning however, I’m making a promise to myself and this blog. When I find entries I want to blog about in Bloglines, I won’t keep them new for weeks and weeks in the hope that I’ll eventually get around to them. I’ll just post there and then and get it over with. 🙂 This is obviously easier said than done but I’m going to tweak the times at which I read posts in Bloglines to make sure I can keep up.