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Trackback problem to Neil’s Blog

I read Neil Turner’s web log and by using the Trackback feature of WordPress, have pinged any of his entries that I have referenced. Unfortunately those pings haven’t been getting through and we’re not 100% sure why. He’s posted a couple of possible issues with it so I’m writing this test post to ascertain why it isn’t appearing on his blog. I’ve commented out a logging section which should see if WordPress reports any errors back.

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WP-imp 1.5

Ok so first off you may have noticied some changes to the site. Gone is the you knew of old and in with the fresh-faced powered by WordPress 1.5 The upgrade process went pretty smoothly (I had been running a nightly build from the weekend) aside from a small issue with a template that was easily fixed. Since WordPress 1.5 introduces the concept of “pages” I realised it could replace all the functionality of my existing site plus give me power over themes and plugins. It was too good an opportunity to miss. 🙂 I’ll be porting over the old sites content over the coming days and weeks. Hopefully I’ll be able to introduce some changes to the template too. For now, please check out my Flickr Gallery which will be the new home for all my photos.

Edit: It’s official, WordPress 1.5 is hitting the streets. In those low-lows. 🙂

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Two Years On

Two years ago today I started blogging with a piece of software called b2. I started mainly to keep a note of the developments I would be making on Orion (my final year project for college) and also to keep a note of events in my life. It’s covered a lot of topics in the intervening years and its been valuable to look back and see what’s happened to me. I was shocked recently at how few entries I had made and so have resolved to keep more up to date and I seem to be doing that so far.

On the technical end of things, the software which runs the blog changed in December 2003 from b2 to WordPress and the changeover couldn’t have gone smoother. WordPress continues to be developed by a dedicated team of programmers lead by Matt and Ryan. Incidentally, I was experimenting with the upcoming 1.5 release which has now gone into beta on the weekend. It looks great and now adds the facility to add “Pages” which lie outside of the blog structure but are still editable. There have been a lot of changes but I’ve decided to wait until a stable release is available before upgrading. Anyway, here’s to another few years on the blogging train. 😉

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Year in Review, By Entries

Saw this on Neil’s blog. Basically you post the first sentence of the first post from each month so here goes:

January: No posts.
February: No posts.
March: No posts.
April: Well the system is fully set up to allow us to post our thoughts and photos from our trip to Spain.
May: No posts.
June: Some pics from the 2004 Women’s Mini Marathon which my family ran for Saint Francis Hospice in Raheny.
July: Just installed WordPress 1.2 Plugged In which Alex King was most kind to offer.
August: NuclearMoose managed to sit down and quiz lead WordPress developer Matt Mullenweg about the forthcoming 1.3 release.
September: The title gives you an indication of how the first game of the season went against Priorswood. (The title was “More to be done”.)
October: Jimmy couldnt make the last game against…… I’m ashamed to say I don’t remember…..oh there it is, McKelvey Celtic.
November: Went to the Halo 2 Launch Party in the Metropolitan Bar this evening.
December: Well its two weeks since I’ve posted and it’s also just under two weeks to Christmas.