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23rd Post Meme

Janine tagged me to do this so I best do it. 😛 The instructions are:

  • Search your blog archive
  • Find your 23rd post
  • Find the fifth sentence – this is meant to say something about you
  • Post the text of the sentence in your blog along with these instructions
  • Tag five people to do the same

Now, my one is slightly complicated by the fact that I back dated a lot of articles I did for the Voice magazine so they were excluded. Truth be told my 23rd post doesn’t actually have a fifth sentence, it was terribly short and boring so I went with the 22nd post. If I’m cheating then screw it, it’s my blog. 😎

The post was made on the 8th of April, 2004 and was entitled “Day Two”. Sentence number five reads:

We were moved to the Tossa Beach hotel about an hour away and the lads are delighted.

The entry was made while we were in Spain with the football club and describes how we moved hotel after getting stuck in a crap one at first. Don’t know what that sentence says about me though. 😕

Tag Team

  • Dave2: ‘cos he’s the only person I “know” who blogs all the time. He may have stopped doing memes though.
  • Neil: I know Neil does memes but he’s been out on the piss a lot lately. 🙂
  • Ian: Ian’ll probably take part although his blogging rate has gone down as he’s busy of late.
  • Dave: Only starting reading his blog lately but am impressed.
  • …….and last but by no means least,
    Simply Geeky: do it, do it. 😎
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I saw a post that Ian made a few weeks ago about a cool use of Google Maps, called gVisit. If you insert a small Javascript in the head of your pages then it will track the people who visit by city and plot them on a map. My current list of visitors is here. There have been some really interesting cities listed so far such as Wellington, New Zealand and Johannesburg, South Africa. You can see the last few visits in the box on the right hand side of this page. The free version lists the last 20 visits but if you make a donation, of any amount, that goes up to 100. I’d like to be able to exclude my own work and home IP addresses so I’ll see if I can throw that in there tonight.

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Yawning Pervades

Out at Gamecon 7 at the moment. Have been here since 11am this morning and am starting to feel the tiredness. 😐 Hence the title of this post. The event goes on until 9am so myself and my cousin, Irvine, will be staying until then. I’m going to need a couple of hours sleep at some stage though.

Sad news today that Robin Cook died while out hill-walking in Scotland. I didn’t know too much about the guy but he seemed to be a politician with principles. Especially after his stance on the Iraq war.

Tried out Skype today for the first time. I picked up a headset this morning, a Logitech Precision PC Gaming headset to be precise. Since I’m at Gamecon today, a lot of the games support voice communication so I can chat to the other players. Skype seems excellent and the rates are really good. At only 1 cent per minute for landline calls in Dublin, I can see myself using it a fair bit in future. 🙂

Also updated the site to WordPress I had been meaning to do it for the last few days so it was nice to finally stop procrastinating and do it. 😉

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What a mess

Just viewed the site with Internet Explorer for the first time in a good while and it’s all over the place. 😯 Apologies for those who have visited the site with IE and experienced problems. I’ll be looking into it as soon as I get some free time. This evening I was busy installing software plus deleting AOL from my uncle’s new laptop. I’m posting this entry from it by the way. 🙂 It needed Firefox and Thunderbird installed plus the usual suspects like AVG, ZoneAlarm and AdAware. I didn’t have too much time to work on it but I think it should be OK now.

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.1 Calibre

I upgraded the site this morning to WordPress 1.5.1. There have been some code fixes and such along with general tidying etc and it seems to be working fine so far. I had to go slower than I would have due to the fact that I had a few files in the wp-admin directory which are to do with a few of the plugins I run. Kitten’s Spaminator was the only fatality of the upgrade as it choked when someone tried to comment. Since she’s no longer updating or supporting it, I’ve moved to SpamKarma2 which looks very comprehensive. I’ve suffered two comment spam attacks in the past week so hopefully SpamKarma will be just as good as Spaminator was at handling the load.