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For those who don’t know, WordPress 2 was released last night. It contains a lot of changes on the backend and includes a few AJAX type features which are nice. You won’t notice any difference to the site at the moment but I will be tweaking the stylesheet over the next few days to show more info (like latest comments etc). The switch took the past couple of hours and everything seems to be working grand. I wanted to ensure that nothing would break so I’ve updated all the plugins I use to the latest versions. If you notice anything strange then please leave a comment. Finally, just a nod to the guys at WordPress for a polished release and a fantastic bit of software. 🙂

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Hey Anto, is there anything that makes the upgrade particularly worthwhile? I’m not so much worried about my own site, because I can break it or fix it as needs be, and right now it does everything I need anyway, but of course it might help or hinder, and the clever UI might throw the girls off. Hm, I could of course just install it and test it on my local webserver, but I’m interested in the opinion of the guy that got me into WordPress in the first place 😉

The world, incidentally, curses you for having done that.

The backend UI isn’t changed too much. I had been using the Tiger Admin Interface before the upgrade but I don’t mind the default WP one at all. The best change I’ve seen is the screen on the “Write” section which shows you what the post will look like on the frontend. Due to the stylesheets etc it was sometimes hard to guess what a post would look like so I’m glad that’s there.

I’ve also enabled the Akismet spam catcher and it seems to be catching a fair few (15 inside 10 mins of an install). There’s also better photo handling AFAIK but I haven’t tested it out. That’d be worth looking into for the girls.

Anthony – there is a hacked version of the Tiger Style admin plugin that supposedly works, but I haven’t had a chance to try it yet.. I’m currently experimenting with my template settings etc., on my testbed 🙂

Janine: It went suprisingly smoothly but I took my time with it and made complete backups just in case.

Michele: Must check that out as I always liked the Tiger Style.

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