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Have been tweaking a few bits on the site which include:

  • Finally fixed the photo display in the sidebar. 🙂
  • Added recent comments to the sidebar using the Brian’s Latest Comments plugin.
  • Added a list of recent posts to the sidebar.
  • Added the facility to subscribe to comments. I haven’t got many comments going at the moment but it may be a handy tool in the future.

It’s amazing how long simple tasks like that take. It could be because I’m sick at the moment and my head’s a bit fuzzy. There’s still a few bits and pieces that I need to do but I’ve tackled the major things which were annoying me. It appears as if the random errors in the photo section have something to do with WordPress’ handling of the htaccess file so I’m seeking help on that.

One reply on “Tweak”

and the award for most boring entry ever goes to……….

(although i used to get that form my ex-girlfriend a lot.)

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