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I’m Lost

Well I watched the final few episodes of Lost last weekend and was thoroughly disappointed with it. I’m finally starting to see why some people have a problem with the show. It just keeps asking more and more questions with little or no resolution to existing storylines. Apparently Carlton Cuse an executive producers has said “there’s a lot of mysteries and a lot of questions about the Others that the audience is going to be curious about going into season three”. Aren’t there enough bloody questions already?! Nonetheless I’ve learned my lesson and won’t be tuning in next season.

In other news, the site seems to be attracting the attentions of comment spammers with about 150 submitted in the past few days. Akismet does a good job of stopping them accompanied by Bad Behaviour and Hash-Cache. I was reading Michele’s post “Why nofollow sucks” today when I realised all my comment links fall into the same trap. I’ve deployed the dofollow plugin so we’ll see if it gives proper links out to those who comment.

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WordPress 2.0.2

A point upgrade for WordPress has just been released. It fixes a security hole and it’s advisable to upgrade immediately.

The problems addressed are unannounced XSS issues privately discovered and reported to the WordPress team.

More info and download >>

I’ll be making the change myself later on when I have more time.

UPDATE: Went relatively painlessly. 🙂

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Hosting switcheroo

Yesterday I made the decision to switch hosts. I’ve been considering it for the past week or so as my hosting agreement with Lunarpages was due to expire at the end of February. I was completely happy with them but I felt I wanted to bring the site back to Ireland and the fact that I got a good deal was a deciding factor.

I had been introduced to Michele Neylon at the Net Visionary Awards and was aware of the fact he owned Blacknight and was up for one of the awards. We didn’t chat much on the night but I’ve had some involvent with them since through work and decided if I was moving back then I might as go with them as I know they provide good service. I chose to get the Blog Package which worked out at €62.00 inc VAT. Granted, I don’t get as much bandwidth or disk space as I had, but I never came close to using that anyway. Now I’m saving money plus I get the domain renewed for another year.

The switch itself went flawlessly. I was setup within about 10 minutes of creating the account and had everything ready to go in about an hour. The DNS was then switched to point at Blacknight and the site was being served as normal thereafter. It’s nice when things just work. 🙂

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Irish Blog Awards

The first ever Irish Blog Awards are looking for category sponsors and the good folks at Blacknight have decided to sponsor an iPod nano for the winner of the Best Blogger prize. Fair play to Michele, Paul and co as it’s good to see someone supporting such an event. The nominations are open until the 23rd so if by some fluke you like reading the blog then you can email irishawards (at) with a link to the site and the category it fits in. I only write the blog to link to interesting things and talk about stuff going on so I don’t mind either way. 🙂 I will probably attend the ceremony as it would be nice to meet some of the other guys whose blogs I read such as: Michele, Tom Raftery, Donncha O Caoimh, Dave O’Neill and people from TCAL.

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The photos are FUBAR

Ok so I’ve finally figured out what’s going on with the photos section. Since the upgrade to WordPress 2, any of the photos pages for the albums or recent shots have been sent with a 404 header. The page is still being generated just fine and Firefox displays it OK which is why I didn’t find the problem initially. It’s something to do with the .htaccess file and I can’t figure it out for the life of me. There were a lot of changes with WordPress 2 so I’ve posted to both the forums for WP and FAlbum in an effort to sort it out. Until then the photo section will be buggy.

Update: As a temporary measure I’ve disabled “Friendly Urls” for the photos so they should all work but the URLs won’t look as well. I’m still trying to figure out a fix and have been talking with Colin Seymour who has some experience with FAlbum.

Update II: Colin posted a workaround for the friendly URLs issue by using wp-config.php instead of wp-header.php but it required a bit of editing within wp-includes/functions.php. It’s not ideal but it’s working. 🙂