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Tony’s Thumbs-Up Award of Total Excellence

Some of you may be familiar with Dave of Blogography fame (those who aren’t, go visit…….now). He does cartoon stuff on his site and recommends things sometimes with a little graphic of him. I asked him if he could do me a similiar one and lo and behold he got back to me in record time with a smashing graphic that fits the bill exactly. So expect to see a lot more of it over the coming weeks. Cheers Dave. 😀

Tony's Thumbs-Up Award of Total Excellence

9 replies on “Tony’s Thumbs-Up Award of Total Excellence”

Don’t start mentioning things like that. It’ll implode the universe.

Universe Implosion is widely accepted to be a problem, and will get worse in the years to come. If more people recycled waste, engaged in sustainable development and reusable energy, we may be able to avoid a very serious Implosion Convergence Escalation Point (the widely known ICEP) which many fear will hinder Keane’s chances of getting a decent contract.

Mourhino was unavailable for comment yesterday.

Hey, I did mean to say that it is a good logo. I like it (without the square border, and a bit smaller). Nice design. Do you know the guy personally, or just visit his site a lot?

I read his blog and I won one of the t-shirts he was giving away for his blog anniversary. Really sound guy.

5 days and no update, what am i supposed to do with my time, i’ve no life, i exist to read blogs, please be considerate and keep your up to date……..

Trev: Yes thats my pimp hand. And its way strong. 🙂

Janine: Thanks. I just have to remember to use it now.

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