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Well I watched the final few episodes of Lost last weekend and was thoroughly disappointed with it. I’m finally starting to see why some people have a problem with the show. It just keeps asking more and more questions with little or no resolution to existing storylines. Apparently Carlton Cuse an executive producers has said “there’s a lot of mysteries and a lot of questions about the Others that the audience is going to be curious about going into season three”. Aren’t there enough bloody questions already?! Nonetheless I’ve learned my lesson and won’t be tuning in next season.

In other news, the site seems to be attracting the attentions of comment spammers with about 150 submitted in the past few days. Akismet does a good job of stopping them accompanied by Bad Behaviour and Hash-Cache. I was reading Michele’s post “Why nofollow sucks” today when I realised all my comment links fall into the same trap. I’ve deployed the dofollow plugin so we’ll see if it gives proper links out to those who comment.

13 replies on “I’m Lost”

Lost started out so good… but then degenerated into a steaming pile. They are too afraid to make the changes needed to keep the show interesting. I gave up on Lost months ago because I just couldn’t stand the constant repetition every week.

Impossible, how GOOD your work is. I am realy surprised. Bxx5!!!

Christ, spamming your site by hand is tedious work. Couldn’t you at least disable Bad Behaviour?

I’m still using WP 1.5, and after the Great Spam War on my site of a couple of weeks ago where HashCash got ignored completely I installed Bad Behaviour and Spam Karma. I think Spam Karma is definitely doing a lot of the hard work there. After installing them I’ve been spam free.

Michele: Generally when a spam comment does get past the filters I’ll see it quite soon, as I subscribe to the comment feed.

Dave2: They need drastic changes alright. I think the worst thing about it is that they decided to continue on after one season. Everything could and should have been wrapped up in one series.

Trev: Valuable point there and all and anyways.

Kev: I used to have Spam Karma installed. Decided to get rid of it in favour of Akismet but it may make a comeback.

Got to agree. The season close of Lost was utter nonsense. I was expecting so so much more.

Installed Askimet yesterday at 1900. 21 hours later and it’s caught 3200 spams. I reallly was getting hammered of late.

Damien: I can’t wait to see the reaction when the season finale is shown in Ireland. Hopefully people will see what a sham it’s become.

Wow, that’s some figure for Akismet spam. Mine is running somewhere approached 700 but it’s been installed since I upgraded to WP 2.0

Spamming blogs seems to be the new big thing.

As for lost I completely agree. Im getting fed up with the lack of resolution in any of the storylines, plus I miss the monster.

I couldn’t get over the hundreds of spams that bounced off the sites I manage a few weeks ago… Bad Behaviour and Spam Karma sort of did the trick, but… Why?? Who are these malignant c**ts? A friend sent me a link to a page, the general gist of which was that they’ll win in the end so why bother, but I’m a bit less defeatist about it myself. There must be a way.

If that way involves firelighters and pain, I will gladly sponsor it.

Paddy: It’s been a major phenomenon for the past couple of years but the tools are getting better to restrict it.

Kev: Firelighters? Is that environmentally friendly?

Irvine: It is overrated alright. Well done for spotting it early.

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