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Hosting switcheroo

Yesterday I made the decision to switch hosts. I’ve been considering it for the past week or so as my hosting agreement with Lunarpages was due to expire at the end of February. I was completely happy with them but I felt I wanted to bring the site back to Ireland and the fact that I got a good deal was a deciding factor.

I had been introduced to Michele Neylon at the Net Visionary Awards and was aware of the fact he owned Blacknight and was up for one of the awards. We didn’t chat much on the night but I’ve had some involvent with them since through work and decided if I was moving back then I might as go with them as I know they provide good service. I chose to get the Blog Package which worked out at €62.00 inc VAT. Granted, I don’t get as much bandwidth or disk space as I had, but I never came close to using that anyway. Now I’m saving money plus I get the domain renewed for another year.

The switch itself went flawlessly. I was setup within about 10 minutes of creating the account and had everything ready to go in about an hour. The DNS was then switched to point at Blacknight and the site was being served as normal thereafter. It’s nice when things just work. 🙂

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