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The first ever Irish Blog Awards are looking for category sponsors and the good folks at Blacknight have decided to sponsor an iPod nano for the winner of the Best Blogger prize. Fair play to Michele, Paul and co as it’s good to see someone supporting such an event. The nominations are open until the 23rd so if by some fluke you like reading the blog then you can email irishawards (at) with a link to the site and the category it fits in. I only write the blog to link to interesting things and talk about stuff going on so I don’t mind either way. 🙂 I will probably attend the ceremony as it would be nice to meet some of the other guys whose blogs I read such as: Michele, Tom Raftery, Donncha O Caoimh, Dave O’Neill and people from TCAL.

3 replies on “Irish Blog Awards”

normally i’d kidnap the judges and threaten to kill hteir grannies just so you’d win but at the end of the day it’ll omost likely come down to cliquey voting and some tosser will win, so i’m announcing the first annual and oin fact only ever Intergalactic (including Earth) Blog Awards,

And the winner in all categories, (even best use of green orion slave girls, despite the obvious lack of green orion slave girls in his blog)is………………

Tony becomes Eternal Intergalactic Blog Chieftan
now all the losers shut your faces and live with it.

Trev: I feel like Zoidberg in that multiple dimensions episode of Futurama. 🙂 “All hail Zoidberg, the King with the box!”

Michele: Well it may clash with Gamecon 8 so I’m hoping it doesnt as I’ve already paid.

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