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Yawning Pervades

Out at Gamecon 7 at the moment. Have been here since 11am this morning and am starting to feel the tiredness. 😐 Hence the title of this post. The event goes on until 9am so myself and my cousin, Irvine, will be staying until then. I’m going to need a couple of hours sleep at some stage though.

Sad news today that Robin Cook died while out hill-walking in Scotland. I didn’t know too much about the guy but he seemed to be a politician with principles. Especially after his stance on the Iraq war.

Tried out Skype today for the first time. I picked up a headset this morning, a Logitech Precision PC Gaming headset to be precise. Since I’m at Gamecon today, a lot of the games support voice communication so I can chat to the other players. Skype seems excellent and the rates are really good. At only 1 cent per minute for landline calls in Dublin, I can see myself using it a fair bit in future. 🙂

Also updated the site to WordPress I had been meaning to do it for the last few days so it was nice to finally stop procrastinating and do it. 😉

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would be lost at gamecon but i do know how much skype rocks – you will never look back 🙂 hope your eyes and head are ok after your gaming o/d!

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