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Day Two

It´s now day two in Barcelona. We had a faultless flight out of Dublin and landed in Barcelona around midday. The bus that was to pick us up went to the wrong airport though but the lads were quite upbeat on the way to our hotel. When we reached the hotel however, some of the players complained that the training facilities were and I quote “like a f*cking car park”. 🙂 We were moved to the Tossa Beach hotel about an hour away and the lads are delighted.

Today was our first training session and we took the chance to use the beach to show off the silky skills to the locals. They were astounded at the skill although seemed to just keep on walking on. Tomorrow is our first game of 3 in a tough group but we hope to at least make the quarter finals as three teams go through from each group. If anyone wishes to leave comments etc then please use the links below. All the best and we´ll have more updates soon.

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EY-OOO! Some random passer-by called Anne says she’s delighted for ye! Best wishes, break a leg, etc.

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your comments and it was delightful to view the photos of the soccer tournment. Give my regards to Irvine jnr. James and Jimmy. Keep up the good work.

Keep up the good work, Anthony!- as you know I am relying on you for material for the club’s website. Clearly everyone is having a great time, thanks to guys like yourself!
regards to everyone,
Kevin Higgins (Secretary, Dunboyne AFC)

Good to know that you’re all okay, and having a great time over there….:) Just dropped by to make sure all was well. Talk to you as soon as you get back on Tuesday, okay?

🙂 You are every bit as intelligent,talented and handsome as your father…good luck with all of your projects…I look for you to be a huge success in whatever you do! Always Renee

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