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23rd Post Meme

Janine tagged me to do this so I best do it. 😛 The instructions are:

  • Search your blog archive
  • Find your 23rd post
  • Find the fifth sentence – this is meant to say something about you
  • Post the text of the sentence in your blog along with these instructions
  • Tag five people to do the same

Now, my one is slightly complicated by the fact that I back dated a lot of articles I did for the Voice magazine so they were excluded. Truth be told my 23rd post doesn’t actually have a fifth sentence, it was terribly short and boring so I went with the 22nd post. If I’m cheating then screw it, it’s my blog. 😎

The post was made on the 8th of April, 2004 and was entitled “Day Two”. Sentence number five reads:

We were moved to the Tossa Beach hotel about an hour away and the lads are delighted.

The entry was made while we were in Spain with the football club and describes how we moved hotel after getting stuck in a crap one at first. Don’t know what that sentence says about me though. 😕

Tag Team

  • Dave2: ‘cos he’s the only person I “know” who blogs all the time. He may have stopped doing memes though.
  • Neil: I know Neil does memes but he’s been out on the piss a lot lately. 🙂
  • Ian: Ian’ll probably take part although his blogging rate has gone down as he’s busy of late.
  • Dave: Only starting reading his blog lately but am impressed.
  • …….and last but by no means least,
    Simply Geeky: do it, do it. 😎

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well being on the tossa beach obviously speaks volumes about your character.

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