Editors Photos

DSC01239 Finally posted a group of photos from the Editors gig in the Ambassador on the 28th of May. Myself, Dave, Paddy, Ryaner, Gar and his girlfriend Imogen rambled along but were suprised to find it was a dry gig. Basically that means they won’t be selling beer but that fact wasn’t advertised on any of the promotional materials or the tickets. Personally I’m not all that pushed but it should have said it somewhere. The gig itself was fantastic and these guys are really good live. Tom (lead singer) has a real knack for producing almost the exact sound that’s produced in the studio and they put quite a bit of energy into the performane. More photos in the photos section.

Kanye West @ The Point

Kanye WestQuite slow on catching up with this as the gig was last Friday. It was a fantastic gig. He has a lot of energy on stage and needs to for a guy holding his own on a stage that big. All of the big tunes from Late Registration went down really well and the crowd seemed to be really similiar with some of the more obscure tracks from the album.

Of course, Golddigger got the biggest reception but that was a given from the outset. I had heard complaints about his last appearance in the Point, in that he only played for 45 minutes. Well he set that right on Friday by playing almost two hours. During his set he took time out to acknowledge some of his musical influences and played samples from Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and even sang Aha’s – Take on me at one stage. I’d definitely go see him again.

BTW, I didn’t take that photo above. Most of the photos I took didn’t come out well as we were a fair distance from the stage.


We need... Went to see Glyder last night with Trev and John. The gig was on in Eamonn Doran’s in Temple Bar and the lads really put on a great show. It’s been a while since I was at a gig like that and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Trev’s a big fan of theirs as his mate Barry/Bat plays guitar for them. They also covered the legendary Rory Gallagher’s “Shadow Play”. They’ve got a list of upcoming gigs available so if you like quality rock music then I’d recommend them heartily.

The Finest – Harbour Bar, Bray

DSC00414 On Friday night I went to a fantastic gig by an up and coming band called The Finest. They just happen to be my mates too. ๐Ÿ˜€ For those who don’t recall, I met some of the lads from the band during the Oxegen festival this year. They play lots of gigs around the city and I had been to see them live in Whelans but most of their gigs tend to be on the southside which is awkward to get from late at night. Luckily one of the lads (Murray, cheers man) let me stay over in his place so I wouldn’t have to worry about it.

DSC00418The gig itself was excellent. The pub was quite strangely decorated but had a homely feel about it. I believe the support act was a friend of the band. I can’t remember the guys name but he was an excellent singer and was accompanied by a guy on acoustic guitar. Then it was on to the main act who made their presence known on stage with the use of a smoke machine and the Star Wars theme. ๐Ÿ˜€ Straight away they belted into the songs I’m familiar with from their CD, On the Line. The lads really go hell for leather and this was no exception. House of the Rising Sun and Gloria were also covered during the set. I’m looking forward to their next gig supporting the Commitments on 17th December in the Venue, Rathfarnham.

Editors gig

Editors Went to see Editors last night in Whelans. Apparently the gig was sold out for ages beforehand so I dropped Kate, a friend of mine who works in concert promotion, an email and she got myself and Dave on the guestlist. These guys are on the up and up and their debut album, Back Room, has been on my iRiver for a couple of weeks now. The venue itself is quite small with perhaps 200 people able to stand in it. We got in quite early so stood at the front of the stage.

Editors Channel One were the support band and they had a great 80s style sound combining synths and strings to great effect. They played about 7 songs and then the stage was set up for Editors. Dave was the one who insisted we go to the gig in the first place and he knew a hell of a lot more about the band then I did. They started their set with Lights, a great track and one which got the crowd going straight away. Standout tracks from the night included Blood, Fingers in the Factories, Open Your Arms, All Sparks and my favourite track Bullets. Fantastic gig, these guys are gonna be big.