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  • Picked up my new Sony Ericsson k750i yesterday. I went up to the Carphone Warehouse on Grafton St on Tuesday to sort it out as my old t630 had been damaged by water and was basically beyond repair. I have insurance so the new k750i only cost me €129. Considering I was contemplating paying €500 for a Nokia 6680, I think it’s the right decision for my bank balance.
  • I went to see The Finest play a gig last Saturday in Whelans. I met two of the band members, Lougho and Campbells, at Oxegen and have met up a few times since. They’re a quality band and could well be headlining the “Bus Arena” next year at Oxegen. 😀 Their set included a smashing cover of “The House of the Rising Sun” as well as a few of the tunes from their CD, “On The Line”. I was hoping to see them this Friday in Bray but I have a wedding the next morning so it’s looking unlikely.
  • I’ve been reading a lot of commentary on Hurricane Katrina. I’ve yet to blog about it as I’ve been collecting material and will post an entry at the weekend.
  • Some of the posts I’ve been reading on Katrina form a group of posts I’ve kept new in Bloglines. Problem is that the list of posts is growing and I’m not having time to trim it back. 😐
  • Dave and Michael have both posted about Mint, a new script to analyse stats and stuff for your blog. Dave gave it a great review but I’m waiting to assess whether I want to buy it. My LunarPages account comes with Webalizer and awStats but they tend to be a bit hard to read.

And the twist….there is no twist. How u like them apples? 😛

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[…] On Friday night I went to a fantastic gig by an up and coming band called The Finest. They just happen to be my mates too. For those who don’t recall, I met some of the lads from the band during the Oxegen festival this year. They play lots of gigs around the city and I had been to see them live in Whelans but most of their gigs tend to be on the southside which is awkward to get from late at night. Luckily one of the lads (Murray, cheers man) let me stay over in his place so I wouldn’t have to worry about it. […]

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