List with a twist

  • Picked up my new Sony Ericsson k750i yesterday. I went up to the Carphone Warehouse on Grafton St on Tuesday to sort it out as my old t630 had been damaged by water and was basically beyond repair. I have insurance so the new k750i only cost me €129. Considering I was contemplating paying €500 for a Nokia 6680, I think it’s the right decision for my bank balance.
  • I went to see The Finest play a gig last Saturday in Whelans. I met two of the band members, Lougho and Campbells, at Oxegen and have met up a few times since. They’re a quality band and could well be headlining the “Bus Arena” next year at Oxegen. 😀 Their set included a smashing cover of “The House of the Rising Sun” as well as a few of the tunes from their CD, “On The Line”. I was hoping to see them this Friday in Bray but I have a wedding the next morning so it’s looking unlikely.
  • I’ve been reading a lot of commentary on Hurricane Katrina. I’ve yet to blog about it as I’ve been collecting material and will post an entry at the weekend.
  • Some of the posts I’ve been reading on Katrina form a group of posts I’ve kept new in Bloglines. Problem is that the list of posts is growing and I’m not having time to trim it back. 😐
  • Dave and Michael have both posted about Mint, a new script to analyse stats and stuff for your blog. Dave gave it a great review but I’m waiting to assess whether I want to buy it. My LunarPages account comes with Webalizer and awStats but they tend to be a bit hard to read.

And the twist….there is no twist. How u like them apples? 😛

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