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We need... Went to see Glyder last night with Trev and John. The gig was on in Eamonn Doran’s in Temple Bar and the lads really put on a great show. It’s been a while since I was at a gig like that and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Trev’s a big fan of theirs as his mate Barry/Bat plays guitar for them. They also covered the legendary Rory Gallagher’s “Shadow Play”. They’ve got a list of upcoming gigs available so if you like quality rock music then I’d recommend them heartily.

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t’was a great gig, cheers to john and tony for turning up glad you enjoyed it, was funny when the power went though, just could have used a tad more cowbell

I cannot fathom how cool it must be to live in Dublin and being able to catch a gig in Temple Bar whenever you like! I enjoyed Eamonn Doran’s, but recall it being a bit pricey… I wish I could remember who was playing whilst I was there, because the band was quite good.

Temple Bar is the least cool thing about Dublin, I think you should know. It’s the tourist reservation area, where Englanders can hang out and get drunk, while young Goths try to equate the misery of unprotected sex with their cousins and homework, with Kurt Cobain and his heroine addiction.

There are some great places to see gigs though, and you should check it out some time. Oddly enough, once you live here you take it for granted. You’ve inspired me to go and see these gigs more.


Trev: That was quite strange with the momentary power cut.

Dave2: Most places in Temple Bar are quite pricey alright. I handed in €10 (~$12) for 2 pints in “The Temple Bar” pub and was shocked when the barman demanded more.

Kev: Nice to know this blog contains inspirational content and not just random crap. 😆

For sure. I had a similar experience the other night in Ba Mizu; something which Dave will perhaps find interesting is the beer escalator; the price for your drink increases continuously (some say exponentially) during the course of the night, so even if your tenner covers two pints earlier on, later it will prove only marginally more useful than waving a banana at the same barman.

Actually, if it’s a barmaid then waving a banana at her might be misconstrued as a come-on, and go down particularly badly.

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