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Kanye West @ The Point

Kanye WestQuite slow on catching up with this as the gig was last Friday. It was a fantastic gig. He has a lot of energy on stage and needs to for a guy holding his own on a stage that big. All of the big tunes from Late Registration went down really well and the crowd seemed to be really similiar with some of the more obscure tracks from the album.

Of course, Golddigger got the biggest reception but that was a given from the outset. I had heard complaints about his last appearance in the Point, in that he only played for 45 minutes. Well he set that right on Friday by playing almost two hours. During his set he took time out to acknowledge some of his musical influences and played samples from Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and even sang Aha’s – Take on me at one stage. I’d definitely go see him again.

BTW, I didn’t take that photo above. Most of the photos I took didn’t come out well as we were a fair distance from the stage.

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almost two hours! my god value for money, not like say bowie at the point who did over 3 hours despite the fact that he could walk off after 10 mins and noone would complain. i’m sick to death of greedy promoters. if acts were booked into proper sized stadia and given more breaks between the performances they could easily do 2 and a half hours for a concert, anything less is a rip off, think about it, they give you 2 cds worth of time but expect you to pay a price that would buy you 4 cds

I saw Kanye West last friday in Brussels. The show was awesome. A great performance by Kanye!!!
A night that I’ll never forget.

Diamonds from Sierra Leone, all falls down, through the wire,… the crowd went wild during the whole concert. Addiction was maybe the greatest act, with specials light effects.
Jesus walks was the ultimate ending of his spectacular show!

Unfortunately I didn’t had my digital camera with me 🙁
I’d like to see some pictures of his concert, so feel free to email me.
I’ll be grateful 😉


Hi KillahP. I’ll upload the photos I have to Flickr and then send you the link. Glad you enjoyed the gig as much as I did.

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