Google introduces Android Wear

Android Wear

I don’t wear a watch. It’s been years since I did but the idea of wearable tech has got me interested again. Google has announced Android Wear today and will be working with a number of manufacturers over the coming months. I’m glad that they’re focusing on simplicity as the use case is fundamentally different to phones. Google Now, Maps and a pedometer will be the core strengths of these Android devices imo. The Verge have the full low down here.


BUSK is a short, social issues and subcultural music documentary, following five musicians as they busk in the arteries of the NYC subway system. It’s a brilliant insight into why they perform there and the challenges they face in doing so. Well worth a watch.

El Sendero Luminoso


Last month Alex Honnold, an American free climber, became the first person in history to climb the El Sendero Luminoso (2,500ft) in Mexico without any safety equipment. Watch the video below in HD and full screen. Amazing.

Chasing Ice

The above clip from ‘Chasing Ice’, a documentary film about the efforts of nature photographer James Balog to publicize the effects of climate change, is simply stunning. On May 28, 2008, Adam LeWinter and director Jeff Orlowski filmed a historic breakup at the Ilulissat Glacier in Western Greenland. The calving event lasted for 75 minutes and the glacier retreated a full mile across a calving face three miles wide. The height of the ice is about 3,000 feet, 300-400 feet above water and the rest below water. When they introduce Manhattan for scale, you get a sense of how big this event was. The film is available on Netflix and I’ve added it to my watch list.