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Hudson Yards – Suspended skyscrapers

Hudson Yards

Hudson Yards is the largest private development in US history and construction is underway in Manhattan. What’s unique about it? Well, the space they’ll be building in is occupied and will continue to be in the coming years. West Side Yard, a sunken rail yard wedged into Manhattan’s west side, is a critical nerve centre in NYC’s transit system: a 26-acre depot with 30 tracks and space for storage and maintenance, too. The solution? Build on top of it.

Hudson Yards will add an entire new neighbourhood — 65k people will live or work there — and all of it, from offices to schools to streets, will rest on the super-strong platform that’s now being built. Five towers will sit atop and adjacent to the platform with the tallest, 30 Hudson Yards, standing 80 stories. Mind boggling. There’s more on Gizmodo here or the official site for the project.

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