Google introduces Android Wear

Android Wear

I don’t wear a watch. It’s been years since I did but the idea of wearable tech has got me interested again. Google has announced Android Wear today and will be working with a number of manufacturers over the coming months. I’m glad that they’re focusing on simplicity as the use case is fundamentally different to phones. Google Now, Maps and a pedometer will be the core strengths of these Android devices imo. The Verge have the full low down here.

My new toy: iPod Touch 32Gb

iPod Touch
I’ve been waiting to write this post as I wanted to get familiar with the player before giving my opinion. I’ve had it about two weeks now and I absolutely love it. It’s hands down the best bit of kit I’ve ever bought. It’s quite a lengthy post so I’ve stuck it in an extended entry. Click through for more:
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My new laptop – Dell XPS M1330

My XPS 1330 (1)
Well, it’s about a month old now but I love it. I had been contemplating getting a laptop for the past six months or so. My desktop machine is about 4 years old and, while it was pretty fast back in the day, the Windows XP installation has slowed down considerably. Another factor was the impending development of two web sites, where I would be meeting clients to show off work etc.

I had decided to go with a Dell anyway so their January sale provided the opportunity I needed. In saying that, I was seriously stuck in two minds on whether to get the 15″ or, the model I ended up getting in the end, 13″ screen. In the end I’m delighted I went for the latter as it’s very light and the screen (White-LED) is fantastic. Granted, I don’t have as much desktop real estate as I do in work or on my desktop but it’s not a bad trade off. Unfortunately, Dell don’t sell the model I got with Windows XP so I had to re-format and install it with associated drivers etc (excellent m1330 driver resource here).

The specs are in an extended entry for those interested:
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Meebo I’ve mentioned Meebo before but I thought it warranted another specific mention as I use it everyday. Basically, meebo is a way to connect to any of the major instant messaging clients including Yahoo! Messenger, AIM, ICQ, Jabber, GTalk or MSN Messenger. I can’t install Messenger on my Windows workstation so I needed a way to connect in with the new hosting guys via IM.

Along came meebo to assist as it doesn’t require any installation and all you need is an account with any one of the major systems mentioned above. It’s one of the cleaniest web applications I’ve used plus they’ve just added the facility for group chats which shows genuine innovation in the area. You can also sign up to a meebo account so you can log into more than one service (ie. MSN and Yahoo!) at the same time, save preferences and also log conversations if you want. All in all, it’s a quality tool and I’d recommend using it.