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This is why I love Community

I started watching Community almost four years ago and it’s some of the most batshit crazy comedy you’ll see but I love how they do it. Thank you Dan Harmon and co.

Recommended TV

Man Stroke Woman

Apparently this was a sketch show on BBC3 a couple of years ago. Unsuprisingly I missed it (along with Gavin & Stacey until it got moved) but have discovered it via YouTube (and Unarocks). These are two of my favourite clips so far:


My Name Is Earl

My Name is Earl Thumbs Up After my last post bitching about Lost I thought I should even things out by giving a hearty “Tony’s Thumbs-Up Award of Total Excellence” to one of the best shows on at the moment, My Name Is Earl. Not too sure why I started watching it in the first place but it’s a quality comedy show. For the uninitiated it revolves around, Earl, a man who made his living by robbing and stealing.

When Earl wins the lottery and gets hit by a car he starts thinking that Karma is trying to tell him something, so Earl writes up a list. No ordinary list, a list of all the bad things he’s done to people. There ya have it, a simple premise for a show. No crazy hatches or “others”, just good old fashioned sharp screenwriting and perfect casting. Jason Lee is perfect in the central role of Earl and is accompanied by Ethan Suplee as his hapless brother. There’s also fantastic eye candy in the form of Jaime Pressly as Joy his crazy ex-wife, and Nadine Velazquez as Catalina. Some of the touches are just fantastic including the use of music from “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” in the last episode. 😀 Looking forward to the new season in the Autumn already.