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That’s a weird…….oh, look

Whilst wandering around London attempting to find the Cabinet War Rooms, myself and Paul stumbled across a building with a weird art installation outside of it:


We walked on slightly and saw it formed this:


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Davedon 2009

So, last weekend was Davedon in London. Dave owns Blogography, the first blog I really got into reading about four years ago. We had planned to meetup whilst I was touring the States last year but it didn’t work out. Dave was going to be in London for a few days so arranged a little meetup. I booked flights over and myself and Paul made the trip last Friday. Now I’ve been in London twice already but I’ve never done the tourist thing. Last weekend was about fixing that. Over the few days we visited Tower Bridge, the Churchill Museum & Cabinet War Rooms, Westminster, The London Eye and the Tower of London.

On Saturday night (after Ireland’s phenomenal rugby win), we headed out to the King’s Road in Chelsea to meet Dave and the crew (Penelope, Bec, Perry, other Dave and The Dutch Bitch). They’d been at the place since 5.30 so I kinda felt bad turning up late. In hindsight I would have travelled out much earlier and watched the game there. Alas, I gave Dave his Patrick’s Day hat and we shared a few beers:

The full Flickr set from the holiday is here

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The Wrong Sundance


I was sitting in bed the other night when a memory from the US road trip last year popped into my head. We were low on fuel on I-90 crossing through Wyoming. I saw a sign for Sundance and thought, wow, it’d be quite cool to stop off here and see where the film festival is held. We drove around the town a bit and having not found a single cinema, pulled into a gas station:

Us: “Is this where the film festival is on?”
Garage attendant: “No, you’re thinking of the other one”

Right. That’d be Park City, Utah. 629 miles away. 😳

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Sesayou Sesame

Gansta rapping with Bert & Ernie:

Jimmy Kimmel’s crew go to work with unnecessary censorship:

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Kenny Egan – Back from Beijing

kenny-eganBrowsing through HMV the week before Christmas I noticied Kenny Egan, Ireland’s silver medalist at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, had a DVD out. I’d followed Kenny’s progress at the Olympics, like half the country, and was interested to see where he’d come from and how he’d gotten to where he is. Darragh’s interview with Kenny had given me a bit of background on the guy but the DVD goes further. It tracks his journey through boxing, how he started out at the age of 8 in Neilstown and has worked his way through the amateur game.

Kenny announced earlier in December that he’s staying amateur for the next Olympics and I’m delighted. As is said in the DVD by more informed commentators, he’s a brilliant ambassador for the sport and will continue to be in the future. He’s got a fantastic work ethic and I’d wish him well for the Irish Senior Championships in February. By the look of his Twitter account, the hard work has begun again.