Rockefeller Center & The Empire State

A long lie in was required for Tuesday so we rose around 12. After sorting ourselves out we headed for Rockefeller Center to see the views atop the 68th floor. The attraction is billed as a better view than the Empire State due to the thick glass instead of railings and, to be honest, it was stunning. On the way up in the elevator the room is transparent so you can see it rising through the building. At tht top there’s (pretty much) unrestricted views north and south allowed you to take in the scale of the city. It’s a metropolis in the pure sense.

After dinner in the Hard Rock on Times Square we made our way to the Empire State. Seeing the city by day and by night in the one day was great. There’s pics from both below:

Rockefeller Center:

Empire State:

Arriving in New York

We left Niagra on Sunday morning. Sunday night would be spent in a New Jersey hotel right next to the Outlet mall but the guts of an seven hour drive through up state New York lay ahead. Split shifts of two and a bit hours saw us arrive on time and freshen the wardrobes on Monday. After spending a lot of cash we made our way into Manhatten to the hotel. Dar, being the most experienced driver, took it and man was I glad I wasn’t in the hot seat. Driving into the city is a nightmare. The GPS got slightly confused due to the high buildings plus traffic was unusually busy due to the UN meeting taking place.

The lads dropped the rental car out to LaGuardia airport (east of Manhattan) via Statten Island (South West of Manhattan) and they arrived back to amazing cheeseburgers and a hell of a lot of ketchup (don’t ask for extra over here, they include loads anyway).