Awesome Tour of Sydney – Week 1

The Awesome Tour of Sydney gang

Last Saturday was brilliant. Myself, Lottie, Darren and my bro were flown over to London for the Awesome Tour of Sydney competition run by Tourism New South Wales and the crew from 1000 Heads. Making it just on time for the start of the briefing in Wandsworth, we got a taste of what was to come over the next 6 weeks. There’s 12 bloggers in total vying for the top prize of 2 return flights plus loads of activities (Bondi surf experience, jetboat ride, blue mountains tour etc) PLUS a matching package for members of their community. That essentially means people that read this site and help out with the overall ‘Send Anto to Oz’ effort.

Sydney-Cricket-1We’ll be set 6 challenges in all with the first one being sports related. Cricket related in fact. We (that’s you and me dear reader) have to come up with a cunning variant of the game you see there on the left. The basic rules of the one 1000 Heads came up with are:

Players agree amongst themselves the number of overs that are to be played – each over giving the player six attempts at scoring ‘runs’ (much like real cricket). Once agreed, players take it in turns to spin their coin on the playing surface and attempt to score runs. The classic version uses the board below, with players spinning from the centre circle and scoring runs by landing their coin within the rings. If your coin finishes up off the board though, you’re out… Howzat!

They’ve come up with a few variations to play in places like the pub when you may not have a game board to hand. Throw a few bar mats down in a rough oval, spin the coin and if your coin goes beyond the beer mats that’s a run. If you hit the beer mats then you’re caught out. See? Easy enough. (illustration here)

I’m getting the creative juices flowing so any and all comments are welcome below. As they say themselves: “We’re setting no limits to what you can do with this challenge. Creativity will be rewarded“. The response has to be in by Monday (10th). This should be good. 😀

Friday Photo – Across the water


Heading for London in the morning to compete for the ultimate Sydney-bound blogger award. Really looking forward to it. Myself and Lottie will be in direct competition but we’ll try and keep it civil. Darren (It’s his birthday) Byrne and my bro will complete the traveling party so expect photos and video come next week.

In other news, my laptop is knackered. Looks like a heat issue which is frustrating as it’s only 18 months old. Playing football tonight for the first time in weeks so will probably be in ribbons come tomorrow morning. A long one though so enjoy your weekends.

Sydney y’say?

I’m sitting at my desk last Wednesday when I notice a new mail arrive. I was expecting a new follower notification from Twitter or an email from a friend about pints or whatever. What I got was something entirely different. This was an invitation to take part in a competition called the Awesome Tour of Sydney. 20 participants are travelling to London on the first of August to compete to win a trip for themselves and a friend plus a pair of tickets for your community (the visitors to their site). I’m going to be in that group of 20. The competition itself will last for 6 weeks and involve a number of challenges. How did they find me? I’d written a blog meme in May and mentioned how I’d like to travel more. Next stop London I suppose. 😀