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WP-imp 1.5

Ok so first off you may have noticied some changes to the site. Gone is the you knew of old and in with the fresh-faced powered by WordPress 1.5 The upgrade process went pretty smoothly (I had been running a nightly build from the weekend) aside from a small issue with a template that was easily fixed. Since WordPress 1.5 introduces the concept of “pages” I realised it could replace all the functionality of my existing site plus give me power over themes and plugins. It was too good an opportunity to miss. 🙂 I’ll be porting over the old sites content over the coming days and weeks. Hopefully I’ll be able to introduce some changes to the template too. For now, please check out my Flickr Gallery which will be the new home for all my photos.

Edit: It’s official, WordPress 1.5 is hitting the streets. In those low-lows. 🙂

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