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Year in Review, By Entries

Saw this on Neil’s blog. Basically you post the first sentence of the first post from each month so here goes:

January: No posts.
February: No posts.
March: No posts.
April: Well the system is fully set up to allow us to post our thoughts and photos from our trip to Spain.
May: No posts.
June: Some pics from the 2004 Women’s Mini Marathon which my family ran for Saint Francis Hospice in Raheny.
July: Just installed WordPress 1.2 Plugged In which Alex King was most kind to offer.
August: NuclearMoose managed to sit down and quiz lead WordPress developer Matt Mullenweg about the forthcoming 1.3 release.
September: The title gives you an indication of how the first game of the season went against Priorswood. (The title was “More to be done”.)
October: Jimmy couldnt make the last game against…… I’m ashamed to say I don’t remember…..oh there it is, McKelvey Celtic.
November: Went to the Halo 2 Launch Party in the Metropolitan Bar this evening.
December: Well its two weeks since I’ve posted and it’s also just under two weeks to Christmas.

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