Awesome Tour of Sydney – The final week

Let's make this real

It’s the final week of the Awesome Tour of Sydney which means it’s time for one final push. The brief:

create a visitor’s guide for Sydney; it could be a city guide or a guide to a specific location, attraction or event, using knowledge gained from the last 5 Challenges for inspiration. As usual, the medium in which you present this will be entirely up to you – whether a Lonely Planet-style handbook, a spoof tourist-information video, or maybe the sort of post you might come across on a travel blog. You can choose as many or as few of the topics we’ve covered to base your guide on.

Remember that those who help me are in with a chance to win a ticket themselves. So what was your favourite thing I threw together over the past few weeks (the Internationals Rule game, the Sydney Harbour t-shirt, the ANZ Stadium, the Ozziepean spider)? More importantly, what would you like to see if you got the chance to go?

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Sorry I have missed most of this so far, have just read over your other posts – love the t-shirt!

Things to see in Sydney that you haven’t yet mentioned
– Sydney Aquarium-it has *the* coolest glass wall in it where you can sit, watch tropical fish, turtles, sharks all swimming happily together with really relaxing music. Could have stayed there all day!
– Sydney Botanic Gardens-awesome views of the Opera House & bridge from there-similar to your lovely t-shirt 😉 Oh and a lovely bunch of flying foxes live there-cool to watch them flitting about & hanging from trees
-Blue Mountains-a bus ride outside of Sydney, Skycar takes you down deep into the valley, then the smallest little funnel train takes you back up to the top THROUGH the rock of the mountain-amazing.

Have pics of all the above if you want to see them (on my facebook page) apart from Blue Mountains-have a few pics but the mist was thick that day and we saw feck all, lol.
Best of luck m’dear x

Also try Qantas for Australian brochure. They are the cream of the crop at present

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