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Awesome Tour of Sydney – The ANZ Stadium

This weeks challenge was to “recreate a well-known Sydney building, monument or geographical feature, and have your photo taken in front of it.” I didn’t necessarily want to choose something that I’d already looked at (ie. The Opera House or the Bridge) so thought further afield. Elly’s suggestion of the ANZ Stadium was perfect. It’s a huge stadium having been built in 1999 for the 2000 Olympic Games, it had a capacity of 110,000. Modifications since have reduced the capacity slightly, down to 83,500 for a rectangular field and 81,500 for an oval field, so it’s around the capacity of Croke Park which is the largest stadium in Ireland at 82,300.

My version consists of cardboard, those wirey things you tie sandwich bags with, sellotape, concertinaed paper and a cooking tray for the inside of the stadium. It took me hours to complete it as some of it was really fiddly. Quite happy with the final result though.
(Hat tip to Darren for photoshopping me in there)


When was the last time you saw a Black Hawk helicopter inside a stadium?!

Details on Challenge 4 will be published tomorrow morning. 🙂

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Still think the toilet roll insert Godzilla approach would’ve been a winner.

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