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Your toast to Arthur

Twitpic your toast to Arthur
To mark the occasion of Guinness 250, I’ve come up with a unique idea and Guinness decided to go with it. At 17:59 (BST) on 24th September, we’re asking you to Twitpic a picture of yourself and your pint. You can include your mates, your local landlord, whoever, the more creative the better. We’re using the hashtag #guinness250 so make sure your Twitpics are tagged as such. If you have a Twitter account then you have a Twitpic account by just logging in at their site. You can then email photos to Twitpic by getting the address from the Settings section. What’s the upside? Guinness is prepared to pay €250 for the best Twitpic. Not bad for a couple of minutes work at best eh? So, to Arthur!!

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@PaddyinEngland: Most people will be off work at the normal times so 17:59 will be tight to hit alright. Still, it’s do-able. 🙂

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