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Awesome Tour of Sydney – The Sydney Harbour T

This week I knew would be tough and it was. I’ve spent the past few days firming up ideas around what I can create a Sydney-themed outfit. Thanks to suggestions from commentors it made it that bit easier. What I eventually came up with is slightly crazy and has brought me right back to the days of watching Blue Peter and Tony Hart. Early Sunday morning I rambled into town early thinking I’d be able to pick up the few bits I needed and get back early. It turns out shops don’t open until at least 11 so I killed an hour rambling around, hit Pennys and Dunnes and got home in time for the United match.

I’d make a sketch of what I wanted to do the night before on paper. Fairly rough but it gave me a basis to work off. I’d be making a Sydney Harbour t-shirt with the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge. Now, it’s important that I point out that I cannot draw. My skills are extremely limited in that department and always have been. I’m happy with the final result though. Here’s the final outfit:
From head to toe: it’s a flat cap (commonly known as a Paddy cap here), all important sunglasses, the t-shirt with the Opera House and bridge, classy flowery shorts, and flip-flops.
For more details on how I did the t-shirt, check out the extended entry:

An initial sketch to flesh out the idea

Rough pencil outline on the t-shirt itself

Outlines are firmed up with marker and I added the Australian and New South Wales flags

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