Congrats to the DOD

DOD Last night David O’Doherty won the top prize at the “non-Perrier anymore” Comedy Awards in Edinburgh. As most of my mates know I’m a big fan of the guy. He’s genuinely really nice and deserves any success that comes to him. His style of comedy has always been one I’ve been a fan of. It’s not brash, it’s not over the top, it’s just really well observed and funny. It’s gonna be tougher to get tickets for his shows but that’s a good thing.

One reply on “Congrats to the DOD”

“Whats the time?”
“Its DOD time!”
“Where you from?”
“Dublin City.”
“What are your hobbies?”
“Cycling and frisbee?”
“What have you got in store for us tonight?”
“Im going to rock your world in quite a gentle way, like a nice cake instead of a big bag of drugs.”

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