A year on

We need...Today is Trev’s one year anniversary. I’ve never seen someone so brave in the face of death and it’s clear to anyone who knew him how hard he fought for his life. A few of us will be headed out to Blanch tonight for the mass and it got me thinking as to how I’ve lived over the past year. 365 days on I hope I’m living better than I was. “Better” is hard to define but I’d like to think that I’ve realised that life is finite. That sounds like bullshit as I’ve had grannies and grandads pass away over the years but Trev was my mate and I’d like to think that I knew him well. Health is the great enabler, without it your choices are limited. (That’s him in the t-shirt btw)

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Dude! Sorry about your friend.

They say a good sign of how you’re living your life is to look at the people you surround yourself with. I know my life is going well because I’ve people like you in it. And that’s NOT bullshit.

We’ll talk more.

Sorry to hear about the death of your friend, it’s a great testament to him to know that yourself and your friends still think and miss him a lot.
He was very lucky and blessed to have a friend like you in his life no matter how long or short his life was.

@Darren: Cheers dude. You’ve become one of my best mates in a short space of time. A testament to your character.

@Mary: We do miss him. He was a real character. Thanks for the kind words. 🙂

Am sorry bout your friend but he was sure blessed having a friend like you:) Continue to live your life to the fullest

thats some deep shit man. hope your kool and the gang, just remembered Dereks funeral there. That was crazy, remember the band. I wanna go like that, all my mates playing guitar and having a laugh. Priest didnt know what was going on.

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