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Floating boats

Raptureponies has listed out what floats her proverbial boat (I’m not sure if she has a real one, maybe she does) and I’ve been asked to participate. These are the things which make me happy (in no particular order):

My Cats: They were born in the back garden and although the group was five, two still remain (Fat and Mogey). Anyone who’s a regular here knows how I post photos of them every now and then. They’re legends.

Music: I’ve varied my musical listenings over the past few years diversifying to new genres, styles etc. I’m glad I did as I’ve come across some really cool stuff and have been to some amazing gigs. Case in point: I was given Scott Matthew’s album ‘Passing Stranger’ the other day by one of the lads from the local and it’s amazing. Check out the video for ‘Dream Song’:

Getting up 9 minutes after my alarm goes: I’ve posted about the 9 minute snooze before. My alarm goes, I wake up and spend 9 minutes snoozing before I need to swing the legs out of the bed.Uncivilized photo for the press

Random: Last Friday I brought up Darren on Facebook chat. He mentioned how he wanted to go see ‘Rosencrantz And Guildenstern Are Dead‘. I’d never heard of it before but decided to go. Brilliant production, pints afterwards, Pravda, beers with cast and crew. Random.

Friends: As I mentioned to Darren last Friday I tend to feel more comfortable when around friends. I’ve been lucky enough to meet some amazing people over the past twelve months while retaining friends from football, Lucan, work, college etc.

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