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Oxegen 2007: Aftermath

Oxegen 2007Well, Oxegen 2007 has been and gone. Memories from the weekend are as follows:

  • Getting a good camping spot which wasn’t too far from the main arena and the car park. There weren’t any scumbags camped close to us thankfully.
  • Setting up about 5 tents cos these lads arrived who were clueless and kept putting them up arseways. They gave me beer.
  • Ice creams for breakfast on the Saturday morning cos we didn’t want to pay €10 for a breakfast roll.
  • Dar getting the nickname ‘Tim Wheeler’ from the Northern Lads who lived behind our tent.
  • Fish tent: Basically a tent with fish on it that was set up close to us. Tremendously handy when your trying to locate your own tent.
  • Elaine bringing us breakfast rolls on Sunday morning when we hadn’t even got out of bed. 🙂
  • People climbing the flagpoles that were in front of the main stage on Saturday. They promptly removed them for Sunday.
  • Mud, mud and more mud: Due to all the rain in the lead up to the weekend the campsite was in a right state. The venue itself was OK on Saturday but by Sunday it was in bits too. Thank God for wellies.

Musically the highlights were Editors (always brilliant), Muse (was in the pit for them, probably the best live performance I’ve ever seen), Kharma 45, James Morrison, Arcade Fire, Razorlight, The Killers, Delorentos and The Goo Goo Dolls. My photees are here and I’ve embedded a video I recorded at Muse in the full post:

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