Ballina Bound

In an hour I’m headed north-west to Ballina for the weekend. A few of the lads are doing a triathalon and I’ve decided to go along to throw empty beer cans/offer dispariging words. Should be a change from the norm anyway, the location not the tomfoolery. Darren and Lottie are off to Oxegen as are a shed load of other folk. I’m kinda sad that I won’t be there this year but after the muck of last year, I kinda need a break. I’ve been thinking about doing either a festival in Europe or Glastonbury next year. Festivals on the continent are a hell of a lot cheaper but there is the whole issue of travel expenses. An ambition that won’t be realised this year is going to the Edinburgh Festival, mainly due to lack of funds. Enjoy your weekends, I’m off to pack for Ballina.

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