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Who do I look like?

I’d seen this done elsewhere in a couple of forums but it wasn’t until Neil and Dave got in on the act that I decided to try it for myself. The deal with it is that you upload a photo of your face to myHeritage and they’ll match it against their celebrity database and tell you who you look like. I uploaded the facial part of this photo and got back the following:

From left to right and top row down: Ian Thorpe, Hugh Jackman, Laim Aiken, Tom Welling, Jet Li, Jay Chou, Marianne Faithful, Nobuo Uematsu, Benicio del Toro, Joan Collins

Ian Thorpe (70% match)
I say: No idea who he is but he’s doing the same head angle tilt as me.
The internet says: Oh yeah, apparently he’s a swimmer for Australia.

Hugh Jackman (70%)
I say: He plays Wolverine and seems like a genuine guy. Result.
The internet says: Two and a quarter million results.

Liam Aiken (70%)
I say: What the hell?!
The internet says: Apparently he’s a kid actor or some such.

Kristen KreukTom Welling (67%)
I say: He’s the young Superman in Smallville and scored that Kristen Kreuk chick (seen on the right there). Happy days. 🙂
The internet says: He’d kick Chuck Norris’ ass.

Jet Li (66%)
I say: Wow, a martial arts badass.
The internet says: “Jet Li was in the Maldives when the tsunami hit during the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake. He suffered a minor foot injury, caused by a piece of floating furniture, while he was guiding his daughter and himself to safety.” from Wikipedia

Jay Chou (67%)
I say: Why do Japanese musicians always have to have headphones on?
The internet says: Yeah, he’s a musician alright.

Marianne Faithful (63%)
I say: I look like her? What the?! I think shes a singer.
The internet says: Ughh, she sings that song “As Tears Go By” from the Sixties. I hate that song.

Nobuo Uematsu (62%)
I say: No freaking idea. I do like his fringe though. Cool fringe.
The internet says: He’s a composer of game music and “he’s been called the John Williams of the video game world, and the description is apt”.

Benicio del Toro (61%)
I say: I like his films plus he shagged Scarlet Johannson in a lift.
The internet says: “After two years in Los Angeles, he got his first job as a guest star on Miami Vice.”

Joan Collins (61%)
I say: Not a f*cking word Trev. 😛
The internet says: I can’t even be arsed searching, this thing is ripping the piss.

3 replies on “Who do I look like?”

i already tried it before man on another forum, scary who they pulled up, i can’t comment look who i got:
ha ha what a crock, i’m 49% david beckham, apparently i’m the spits of him from behind

interestingly though:
44% russell crowe
49% Michael Crichton
50% Gary Oldman
52% Alain Delon (?)
55% Ayrton Senna, wahey
62% Bashar al assad (syrian president) “where am dem bloody cartoons”

Dude, you’ve never seen me before, so I hope this helps. Apparently, I’m sort of like a cross between:

P Diddy
Victoria Adams
Hilary Swank
Halle Berry
Venus Williams
Harold Wilson
Bette Davis
David Schwimmer


Trev: Ayrton Senna is an impressive one. Haven’t seen anyone get him.

Conor: That’s a bit of a scary mix ya got going on. Especially the Venus Williams link. :O

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