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Munich Steven Spielberg is one of my favourite directors and I have most of his films on DVD but Munich was a film I had been a tad nervous about. Critics had lamented the fact that the film could be too sentimental and give a pro-Israeli side without examining the reasons behind the attack itself. The film follows a team of Israeli agents who are assigned to kill the organisers of the attacks with various specialists in bomb making, cleanup etc. It uses themes of home and family to explain the motivations of both the terrorists and the team pursueing the organisers. Eric Bana turns in an excellent performance as the team leader committed to following orders but also of doing the best by his wife and baby.

One of my mates John made a point about how the pace of the film drops slightly in the last hour. I think however that it may have been deliberate considering the fact that the team start to lose their way and question the motives of their boss. I don’t way to say too much about the actual plot as a lot of the events are interconnected. Spielberg has shown he can do violence with Schindler’s List and does compromise on showing just how bloody and messy the team’s job is. Overall it’s a highly accomplished film and one that doesn’t judge but explains human motivation and notions of justice. Definitely worth a watch.

Tony’s Verdict: 9/10

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it’s a good movie that i liked but it wasn’t as good as unforgiven, apoccolypse now, goodfellas, godfather etc whch i give 9 out of 10 for.
i grade movies like this,
1-5 for what it’s trying to be
1-5 for its production values.
E.G. the longest yard
4 out of 5 for being what its trying to be a macho popcorn movie for beer swillin UFC fans who like football and courtney coxs new and impressive cleavage.
however it’s a remake, clicheed and in some place poorly acted, the script is a little effortless in some places and the direction is clunky so only 2 out of 5
not a bad mark 60%
munich i graded like this
story , good, it set out to tell the story surrounding the fall out of the 1972 israeli hostage massacre, i was surprised at how spielberg didn’t, as i thought he would, portray the palestinians as blood loving murderers, the story was very complex and took a step back essentially sticking to the facts and the POV of those involved not those making the movie. 4 out of 5
the production,
one of spielbergs weakest attempts in a long time i felt the end felt very muddled and a bit overlong like he was losing his direction in how to end it, i wasn’t mad on the Cinematography, can’t put my finger on it quiet, thought the script was good could have been better, the acting was very good, two off my favourite actors Eric Banna and Geoffrey Rush. so because of little problems here i give it 3.5 out of 5, like i did with kingdom of heaven, i felt both directors pandered a little too much to the “lets not upset the applecart” mindframe.
4+3.5=7.5 bear in mind tony thats 75%, B region, by no means am i slating it. if the single best movie ever is made tomorrow you’ll give it 10/10 can you honestly say that munich would be right behind it, i liked the movie but i feel it only merits 7.5 out of 10, i think thats fair

Suppose that’s a good rationalisation Trev. I liked the cinematography myself but thought it pandered to an american audience at times (ie. eiffel tower to indicate paris, london bus and phone box etc) to indicate the city involved.

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