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All Consuming Update

This entry covers on a bunch of things that I just didn’t get time to blog about over the past few days, hence the title. I have to make it quick as well as I’m meeting some of my former college buddies for drinks in about an hour. In that time I have to feed myself too. 😐 Apparently, The Finest, have a gig coming up this weekend in Eamonn Dorans that I hope to get along to. A few of the lads in the band are mates from Oxegen.

Having major trouble with our work email system. We run a service for another provider in the North and their registration page is being hit by spam registrations at the moment. I’ve tried a variety of different things to ward them off but I can’t use mod_rewrite at the moment as it screws up the admin interface for the mail. 👿 Have to get on to our network guys in the morning about it.

I bought and played Day of Defeat: Source on Tuesday night with Trev. We used to play the original DOD constantly back in college on the LAN so it was nostalgic to see the old game back with a new engine. The game itself is as good as it was and the physics are brilliant with explosions and the rag-doll physics model really making a difference. In fact I spent two hours playing it without realising. 🙂 Sign of a good game.

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you edited my

Yes I did Trev, cos it messes up the display. 😛

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