Veronica Mars

Veronica MarsFinally got around to watching the first episode of Veronica Mars. Dave had been ranting about how good it was so I acquired one of the episodes a few months back but never got around to watching it. All I can say is “wow”. For a series opener it’s excellent and is definitely going to keep me watching. I also really like the web site for the show, it’s innovative and not your bog-standard TV site. Thumbs up all round. 🙂


  1. Dave2   •  

    And you really haven’t seen anything yet… as the clues start to come together, the show starts to get better and better!

  2. trev   •  

    the butler did it

  3. Ed   •  

    Is this show going to air in Ireland?

  4. anthony   •     Author

    I don’t know to be honest Ed. It’s just started the second season in America so hopefully someone like Channel 4 or RTE 2 will pick it up.

  5. trev   •  

    you don’t need to watch i told you the butler did it.

  6. anthony   •     Author

    No trev, he didn’t. Remember we quizzed him about it?

  7. trev   •  

    oh shit yeah.

    it was the cook

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