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Ok I decided to do this after Janine, belated, tagged me. She should have tagged me in the first place. šŸ™„ šŸ˜†

Seven Things I Plan To Do Before I Die

  1. Earn good money to do the things I want
  2. Visit New Zealand and Nepal
  3. Have kids and a family
  4. Live by the sea
  5. Visit Old Trafford after Malcolm Glazer leaves the club
  6. Support Ireland at a World Cup
  7. Become a DJ

Seven things I can do

  1. Work solidly and professionaly at my job
  2. Be a half decent striker at footie on Fridays
  3. Procrastination – i’m really good at that
  4. Coach football – although I need to get better
  5. Be funny and open around people – no bullshit
  6. Use semantic XHTML for lists – *points at Janine* šŸ˜›
  7. Take good photos

Seven things I can not do

  1. Swim
  2. Drive – hopefully solve that within the next few months
  3. Watch a football match without using bad language
  4. Cook
  5. Approach people I don’t know easily
  6. Lie
  7. Let people be overtly rude to me

Seven things that I find really attractive about the opposite sex

  1. Smile – first and foremost
  2. Sense of humour – absolutely essential cos half the time I’m joking
  3. Sense of self – knowing what you’re about and feeling comfortable with it
  4. Nice eyes
  5. Breasts – what I’m being honest?! šŸ˜€
  6. Legs – see above
  7. Monica Belluci

Seven things I say the most

  1. Pele what?
  2. Nightmare!
  3. I’m grand šŸ™‚
  4. FUBAR
  5. Alright horse?
  6. Who?
  7. Whats the story?

Seven Books I love
This sounds crap but I’m not a book person. I don’t read many books and the ones I do are few and far between. šŸ˜³

Seven people I would like to see take the quiz
I’ll only give two cos I’m lazy and they’re the only people who stand a chance of doing this.

  1. Neil
  2. Dave

5 replies on “Sevens”


I’ve been tagged and I’m half-way around the world! Ah well, it will give me something to do as I sit on the bus in this horrendous Seoul traffic. šŸ™‚

Oops, I forgot about that Dave. šŸ˜† Even though I read your entry from there this morning. šŸ˜†

“Sense of humour – absolutely essential cos half the time Iā€™m joking”
so does that mean half this list is a joke ?!?

i only did not tag you originally cos i like you too much šŸ˜‰

are you being sarcastic about me semantics by any chance? which coding horror of mine are you thinking of in particular! šŸ™‚

and it’s good to know i’m not the only blogger who ain’t a bookworm. those who read so often look down on those who don’t – each to their own!

ps you better not nick my house by the sea šŸ˜‰

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