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The 40 Year Old Virgin

The 40 Year Old Virgin Was really looking forward to this one and I wasn’t disappointed. Most people won’t be familiar with Steve Carell who has had smaller parts in a number of Brat Pack comedies over the past couple of years. This is his first major role and he also produces the film.

The story is pretty self explanatory in that Steve plays Andy Stitzer, a bit of a geek who collects action figures and works at an electronics store. The film tracks his attempts to get laid and it manages to balance the funny set pieces with lighter material based around a burgeoning romance. There were some real belly laugh moments and if you don’t come out of the cinema smiling then there’s something seriously wrong with you. Best comedy of the year so far. 🙂

Tony’s Verdict: 8/10

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looking forward to it, steve carrell plays the david brent character in the american office and is side splittingly funny.

I really enjoyed the fillm… I dn’t think it was the best comedy of the year, but I was really surprised at the film because I wasn’t expecting too much. I really enjoyed wedding crashers in 2005, but maybe that was because Rachael McAdems is in it 🙂

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