16 Days

Sixteen days without a post is pretty pathetic. In my defense:

  • I’ve been really busy with work. So much stuff going on that I’ll be able to talk about when it’s ready for launch. That’s if it ever is ready. 👿
  • I was away in Spain from the 18th to the 26th. One whole week without internet access of any kind. I sort of enjoyed it in one way. 😕 😆 The photos will be up shortly and there’ll be a full blog post about it then.
  • I now have a backlog of stuff that I need to get sorted out. As anyone who knows me will atest, I’m a pretty bad procrastinator but the list just keeps getting longer so I need to deal with it.
  • Plus women are wrecking my head at the moment. I’ll understand quantum physics before I figure out what the hell is going on in their brains.

More soon. 🙂

One reply on “16 Days”

ah we’re so easy to work out really!

the thing i find about blogging is that once you leave a gap, it’s harder and harder to get back into it. the longer you’re away, the more you think you need something worthy to break your silence which just extends your silence like a vicious circle aaagggh LOL

anyway, good that you’re back 🙂

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