Dave tagged me on a book meme there a few days ago but I’ve only just had a chance to catch up now. 😯 Note that there’s some Amazon affiliate links in there in case you don’t feel comfortable with that sorta thing. Anyhow here’s my answers:

How Many Books Do You Own? I think it’s in single digits. I’m not a big reader.

What is the Last Book You Bought? That would have been Michael J. Fox’s book, Lucky Man. I’m roundsabouts half way through it at the moment and its a fantastic read.

What is the Last Book You Read? Stupid White Men by Michael Moore. I like his politics but I have a problem with some of his methods. I got my copy signed by him when I went to a talk he did in Dublin.

Name five books that mean a lot to you. Eh five? That’s a bit of a tall order for me but I’ll give it a bash.

  1. Lucky Man by Michael J. Fox: As I said, I’m only half way through but its a very good read.
  2. The 9/11 Commission Report: I bought this around Christmas time and it goes into astounding detail on the events leading up to and during 9/11. Solid read but very heavy.
  3. Himalaya by Michael Palin: This book accompanies the TV series where Michael travelled the Himalaya route. Has some great photographs and is accompanied by his sharp wit.
  4. The Big Dig – Reshaping an American City by Peter Vanderwarker: I actually bought this by accident when I meant to get another book about the Big Dig. 😆 This book is quite short, mainly focusing on images of the construction.
  5. HTML Utopia – Designing without tables using CSS: I bought this book to re-assert my knowledge of how to build sites properly and it has been an excellent read plus a handy reference for times when I’ve got stuck.

Now “tag” five individuals to provide their own lists. Hmm. I dont really “know” all that many blogging people so I’ll try these in a vain hope they may participate.

  • Neil: Not too sure if he’s done it yet.
  • Ian: He’s in Europe at the moment but he may do it when he gets back.
  • Chu Yeow aka redemption: Although there are mySQL errors appearing on his site and hasn’t posted in a while.
  • Alex King: Seems like a nice guy and in one of his latest photos you can see a “Dummies” book. I wonder what it is. 🙂
  • Hardy: The guy hardly ever surfaces since he’s having too much craic in Australia. 😆

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