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Bank me a holiday

Seen as it’s the bank holiday weekend I thought I’d do a general update on what’s been going on in my life. 🙂 I’ve been shifting lots of stuff out of my room over the past two days in a vain attempt to sort the good from the bad. I’ve currently got a black sack full of old clothes which will be going to a charity shop soon. There’s still tons of old board games and bits of PCs that I need to sort and ship out as I’m sick of holding onto stuff when I have such a small space to live in.

Last night I went down to the local pub, Kenny’s, to watch the Ireland versus Israel match. I’ve never been so disappointed and frustrated in my life. We scored twice within 10 minutes and were cruising before Brian Kerr decided to introduce Kavanagh, a midfield player, for Robbie Keane who’s a striker. The change put the team off balance and they conceded two goals in the space of 7 minutes just before half-time. We then had to contend with their goalkeeper play acting all through the second half. 👿 Fair enough, he got a bash on the nose at one point but the guy was rolling around like someone had chopped his nads off. I’ve never seen such a display in my life and the guy should have been sent off after going for Andy O’Brien’s neck when they fell togetheron the goal line. Instead, O’Brien got sent off!! 🙁 A dodgy ref didn’t help us either by turning away a rake of valid penalty appeals. We have another game against the Faroe Islands on Wednesday but it’s gonna be tough to qualify from where we’re sitting now.

It’s less than 3 weeks before I travel off to Prague for a week with a few of the lads I used to work with. One of the guys, Pavel, is from Czech and invited us over for his 30th party. We all travel out on the Wednesday and come back the following Tuesday. Our accomodation arrangements are fairly loose as we’ll be staying with family friends etc but it sounds like it will be a great few days. 🙂 I also got word from my uncle that I can have his holiday home for ten days in August. Myself, Mark and maybe Hugh will be going so the arrangements will be solidified over the coming week and then I’ll book the Aer Lingus flights.

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The decision to take Keane off was baffling, utterly. Even when he’s having a mare, the guy is still capable of scoring – and he didn’t appear to have taken a knock. As a neutral, I can imagine the frustration – the match got very surreal late on with the ref giving random decisions and their goalkeeper being a total arse. Bizarre.

Apparently their goalie got a bucket of ice and fish thrown over him when they arrived back at their hotel. Not that I condone that sort of behaviour. 🙂

Elliott should have gone in instead of Kavanagh. Anyway, we’re back on track after the result against the Faroes so hopefully it won’t matter in the long run.

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