Meebo I’ve mentioned Meebo before but I thought it warranted another specific mention as I use it everyday. Basically, meebo is a way to connect to any of the major instant messaging clients including Yahoo! Messenger, AIM, ICQ, Jabber, GTalk or MSN Messenger. I can’t install Messenger on my Windows workstation so I needed a way to connect in with the new hosting guys via IM.

Along came meebo to assist as it doesn’t require any installation and all you need is an account with any one of the major systems mentioned above. It’s one of the cleaniest web applications I’ve used plus they’ve just added the facility for group chats which shows genuine innovation in the area. You can also sign up to a meebo account so you can log into more than one service (ie. MSN and Yahoo!) at the same time, save preferences and also log conversations if you want. All in all, it’s a quality tool and I’d recommend using it.

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There’s alot of Instant-Messaging Aggregators out there thesedays. All pretty handy, if your at work, school or on the road.

I personally use eBuddy, like all my mates, its just as good if not better then Meebo. The look and feel is really nice and they got ‘tab’ chatting feature which is really handy! 🙂

They do have ads on their site, but its not like this makes the user experience any less.

wow, i just tried ebuddy. even if i ignore the ads, the interface is horrific! plus it has to open a separate popup window for each IM service you’re connected to. meanwhile, meebo has become my multi-protocol IM client of choice. i wish GAIM’s interface was as nice as meebo’s, haha. i used to use trillian, but that thing crashed too much for me…

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