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Best. Invention. Ever.

It’s the Benny Hiffifier. It takes any Youtube video and overlays the Benny Hill music. It can also speed it up. Check out what it turned the Friday Football crew into:

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Friday Photo – Manchester for the weekend

At Old Trafford

Last weekend I popped over to Manchester for the United vs Tottenham FA Cup Tie. It was the first competitive game I’d been at with the other trips having been testimonials. A great weekend was had by all (granted I was knackered getting home early on Sunday) and I hope to get back again a few times this year.

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Kenny Egan – Back from Beijing

kenny-eganBrowsing through HMV the week before Christmas I noticied Kenny Egan, Ireland’s silver medalist at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, had a DVD out. I’d followed Kenny’s progress at the Olympics, like half the country, and was interested to see where he’d come from and how he’d gotten to where he is. Darragh’s interview with Kenny had given me a bit of background on the guy but the DVD goes further. It tracks his journey through boxing, how he started out at the age of 8 in Neilstown and has worked his way through the amateur game.

Kenny announced earlier in December that he’s staying amateur for the next Olympics and I’m delighted. As is said in the DVD by more informed commentators, he’s a brilliant ambassador for the sport and will continue to be in the future. He’s got a fantastic work ethic and I’d wish him well for the Irish Senior Championships in February. By the look of his Twitter account, the hard work has begun again.

Dunboyne AFC Football General


4-2 up with fifteen minutes to go. We’d been under pressure for a certain amount of the game but took out chances when they came our way. Time’s ticking on and I’m thinking that we may well have our first victory here (well, when I’ve been present on the sideline anyway).

4-3. Shite, we’re getting tired now but we still have a goal cushion. Great saves from the keeper, we may well hang on.

4-4. Oh no, they’re starting to fall back too much and the other team are lobbing balls into the box. A header brings Donard level. Still a draw would be a decent result considering the amount of saves the keeper has made.

4-5. Another deep ball into the box, the keeper makes contact with the ball but it goes into the roof of the net.

Jesus, when will I ever get some luck. They showed heart, commitment and bottle this week after last weeks drubbing. The result will never be important to me in the long run, I know it’s not about that. Today of all days though I wanted a win. Not to be. Onwards.

Dunboyne AFC Football


For those of you who don’t know, I train and manage a football team for Dunboyne AFC. We’re the fourth team at the under 12s age group. To be honest, I’ve never really felt I’m good at it but I’ve stuck with it for the past few years. It’s quite difficult to get a result with the side we have as most of them haven’t come up through years of playing ball. They’re the kids who like the game and are enthusiastic. I suppose that’s why I stick with it.

We had a game this morning out in Knocklyn. We lost 10-0. They were all over us from minute one. I couldn’t believe it, this was supposed to be a side at the same level as us. We’d come out last year and gone away feeling very disappointed having conceeded in the last five minutes and lost one nil. This side was very different from the one we had played. To be honest, I’m convinced at least a few of their players were from the higher teams at that age group. They were just so much better than our own lads. I felt sorry for them since getting a drubbing like that would demoralise anyone. My goalkeeper had tears in his eyes after walking off the pitch.