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For those of you who don’t know, I train and manage a football team for Dunboyne AFC. We’re the fourth team at the under 12s age group. To be honest, I’ve never really felt I’m good at it but I’ve stuck with it for the past few years. It’s quite difficult to get a result with the side we have as most of them haven’t come up through years of playing ball. They’re the kids who like the game and are enthusiastic. I suppose that’s why I stick with it.

We had a game this morning out in Knocklyn. We lost 10-0. They were all over us from minute one. I couldn’t believe it, this was supposed to be a side at the same level as us. We’d come out last year and gone away feeling very disappointed having conceeded in the last five minutes and lost one nil. This side was very different from the one we had played. To be honest, I’m convinced at least a few of their players were from the higher teams at that age group. They were just so much better than our own lads. I felt sorry for them since getting a drubbing like that would demoralise anyone. My goalkeeper had tears in his eyes after walking off the pitch.

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The smiley face at the end of your rss feed wasnt really appropriate i dont think. πŸ˜‰

Onwards and upwards!

Ah the poor lads! Jaysis. 10-0!

Still Anthony could have been worse. I was on the bench when we were beaten 4-21 to 7 points.

In Croke Park.

For the All Ireland Schools Senior Hurling Final.


Ten-nil is bad enough, but being that it’s one of the kids teams from down the road makes it even worse.

PS: I live in Dunboyne πŸ˜›

Aw, the poor kids!

Were you once a hotshot lawyer who got sent to Dunboyne AFC on community service, or am I mixing up real life with the Mighty Ducks again? πŸ˜›

No that was Toners Sinead, got caught pissing in the liffey and got dragged into court.

10-0 Jebus, you think there manager would have dragged a few of his best players off when they were a few up.

I remember playing for Vinnys and I was in the B team start of the next season got promoted to the A’s, five games in I had played about 8 mins in total I reckon. We were battering some side by something ridiculous and my da who had come to every game instead of doing over time went over to our manager and said “its pissing rain are you not gonna give a few of the other lads a run out.” He replied do you not know our motto, its win at all costs.” It was an under 11s game and my da called him a few not so nice things and I went back to having a laugh with the B team on a Saturday until I was about 14 when I started chasing skirts at a more sensible hour.

@Darragh: Ouch, that’s probably the Hurling equivalent of our result.

@TheChrisD: You should come down to one of the games so. πŸ˜›

@Sinead: It’s kind of like the Mighty Ducks without the sappy music and fairytale ending. πŸ™‚

@PaddyInEngland: Hate managers like that. There’s too many of them out there who, instead of teaching the kids about the game, are completely focused on results. Morons.

Oh that this would cheer you up. Gavin Strachan currently of Notts County, son of legendary footballer Gordan Strachah coaches his sons under 11 team. They got beaten 10-0 at the weekend. Maybe you could ask him for a friendly. He has a blog on

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