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4-2 up with fifteen minutes to go. We’d been under pressure for a certain amount of the game but took out chances when they came our way. Time’s ticking on and I’m thinking that we may well have our first victory here (well, when I’ve been present on the sideline anyway).

4-3. Shite, we’re getting tired now but we still have a goal cushion. Great saves from the keeper, we may well hang on.

4-4. Oh no, they’re starting to fall back too much and the other team are lobbing balls into the box. A header brings Donard level. Still a draw would be a decent result considering the amount of saves the keeper has made.

4-5. Another deep ball into the box, the keeper makes contact with the ball but it goes into the roof of the net.

Jesus, when will I ever get some luck. They showed heart, commitment and bottle this week after last weeks drubbing. The result will never be important to me in the long run, I know it’s not about that. Today of all days though I wanted a win. Not to be. Onwards.

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@TheChrisD: He didn’t deserve to get sent off. Undeserved.

@Lottie: No, I wasn’t. I hurt my neck in a completely unrelated incident.

I’ve been in that 4-2 up 5-4 down boat Anthony. Not pleasant. Some day it’ll be reversed and it’ll be like all your Christmasses ( ❓ ) came at once! Hopefully.

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