Awesome Tour of Sydney – Week 2

I’m well late in putting up the description for this weeks challenge. It’s centres around fashion. My mates will probably be laughing at that as I’m not known as one of the sharpest dressers around. My wardrobe tends to centre around jeans and t-shirts. 🙂 We have to create an outfit that screams Sydney. That means no clichéd cork hats. So I need your ideas. What would you wear if you were down under? The more creative the better. Remember that there’s another ticket up for grabs so you could be joining me if I win the trip. My deadline for having the submission ready is Monday evening.


  1. Ian Healy   •  

    Damn. I was gonna say cork hat 💡

  2. Amy   •  

    Hey Anto

    What exactly do you need? How much detail? Pictures? Also what time of year are you “dressing” for? Is it for male or female or both?

    Will help if I can!


  3. Steph   •  

    Thinking hat is on, doing diddly-squat tonight at home tout seul so I’ll see what I can come up with!

  4. anthony   •     Author

    @Ian Healy: They’re making it tougher. 🙂

    @Amy: I’m figuring a guys outfit with elements of Sydney. Summer is coming up for them so might as well go with that. Anything I can get would be great.

    @Steph: Coolio, let me know how you get on.

  5. elly parker   •  

    Well definitely flip flops, or thongs as they call them.

    And the most iconic image of Sydney has to be the Opera House/Harbour Bridge, so maybe a top shaped like that? I’m thinking this would be so much easier to design for a women as you could shape the curves of the Opera House to the curves of a woman’s body.

    That area is also hugely famous for it’s New Year’s fireworks display – Baino, a mate of grannymar’s has blogged about it before and she’s from Sydney!

    Then there’s Bondi beach and their famous lifeguards. Or Australia’s “Slip, Slop, Slap” campaign – Slip on a shirt, Slop on some sunscreen and Slap on a hat to protect from the sun.

    Any of that give you any ideas?

  6. anthony   •  

    @elly: Great stuff Elly. Thanks for the tips, I’m finalising my entry this afternoon and it’ll be live by 6. 🙂

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