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Dublin Bus app

dublinbusapp One of the handiest apps I have on my iPod Touch is Dublin Bus. Developed by Padraig Kennedy, I’ve had it for a few months now and it’s invaluable. It stores Dublin Bus times on the device itself so I don’t need an internet connection. When the app launches your greeted with a list of favourite routes showing the next bus that’s due. You can search by destination and bus number and then click the star icon to have them included on the home screen of the app. Clicking through to an individual route number you’re presented with the last couple of buses and the timetable for the 24 hours. I’d suggest the following for future development:

– where the particular stops are on a route would be ideal. Possible integration with Google Maps?
– the facility to input what time the bus arrived at your stop. For example, I now know that the 3 takes approx 15 minutes to get to my stop from the terminus. If the app knew that it would be able to inform other users who maybe don’t use that route often.

It’s a great app though and I’d highly recommend you pick it up. It’s normally €2.99 but is available for €2.39 at the moment via the App Store.

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This is great Anthony, I really appreciate the mention.

I’d like to comment on your suggestions for new features. Unfortunately, not even the Dublin Bus website has a full list of the bus stops. Having this data would unlock a pretty wide set of features, but it just doesn’t seem to be available — even the stops shown on Google Maps are not accurate. Let me know if you have any ideas on how to get this data!

I like the second idea — I’ll look into it over the next few months and see if there’s a good way to implement it.

All the best,


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